Yashio Factory 6-point FIA Harness

Introducing the new Yashio Factory original seat belt!
2018 FIA standard and 4-point or 6-point, you can choose your type!
If you are looking into buying a harness, you definitely wanna go with the 2018 FIA standard product!

The 4-point Harness uses flame-retardant fabric for the name tag, and the buckle has been strengthened accordingly based on the new standard!
The 6-point one is the type with buckles attached to the harness and extends from both side of the feet.

You cannot upgrade from the conventional 4-point type to the 6-point one. This new ones are completely independent from each other.

Suggested retail price : 51,700 JPY (consumption tax included)

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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