Yashio Factory Oka-chan Super Catalytic Convertor

Quality guaranteed based on our sales record of over 1,000 units! And OK for vehicle inspection, of course!

The catalyst refers to the exhaust gas purification device (mainly a three-way catalyst) of a gasoline engine, and when CO, HC, and NOx, which are harmful components in the exhaust gas, pass through this, NOx to N (nitrogen) and O (Oxygen) is separated, and the separated O is detoxified by being combined with CO and converted to CO2 (carbon dioxide) and HC and converted to H2O (water vapor) and CO2, and then discharged into the atmosphere.

However, if these scientific reactions are not balanced, harmful components will be emitted as exhaust gas, it is necessary to accurately adjust the air-fuel ratio by changing the setting of the tuning cars that want to output power (not to mention that you will need to do the same for any normal cars too), Unfortunately, even if the current technology can remove harmful substances, it is true for any car unless it is an electric car, there is a harsh reality that CO2, which is being called out by global warming, cannot be reduced.

As mentioned before, even for a normal car, I have seen vehicle’s converters fail due to an abnormal rise in the catalyst temperature due to a long drive and stress added by the abnormal condition caused by mischievously tampering with the fuel system, value timing, etc. In cases like those, exhaust gas purification is not even achievable….the pipe is just a stick covered with material from inside the catalyst … if this rings any bells on how you treat your car…. be careful!

* Our catalyst is produced from exhaust gas using a normal specification. Depending on your CP setting, high cam and specification not set appropriately, it may not pass the vehicle inspection.

¥78,800 (Tax incl.)

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