GULF – GT Aero Kit

After the S15 was released, I decided to produce our third aero kit but, this time, for a road vehicle and not a drift car. It’ll also, of course, help me get to the World Time Attack Challenge — it’s the last chance in my life. It’s every man’s dream to go to the SS and the WTAC at 60, isn’t it? So, I’m making an aero kit that no one can imitate, an aero kit exclusively for only the most enthusiastic buyers. If this aero kit doesn’t get you excited, it’s not for you!

I wanted to make an aero kit that was elegant, and this is it! It has an overwhelmingly powerful front mask, a rear fender that shares the soul of a Porsche GT, and a rear section that can give your vehicle the very best aerodynamics. This carefully designed aero kit will only be available for a total of 20 people in the world, making it truly exclusive. If you are excited to get out on the road with this kind of aero kit, make it yours now!

* Only full sets are available for purchase
* Parts will be made available for repairs

¥770,000 (Tax incl.)

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