Yashio Factory R35 GTR Ignition Coilpack Conversion Kit

These days there are faulty ignition coils made in China are floating around on the market than the genuine ones for SR engine based on their deterioration over time…but actually not sure if this is just because genuine ones poorer in quality / durability…I wonder.

You want your ignition coil to last for a long time. It should have a longer life than the genuine coil. Ignition power is also an important factor. As you know, for 35 GTR the coil is subjected the harshest condition imaginable because the horsepower and heat output of the V6 engine. Even in such state, our coil is a durable, great source of the power. I have been eyeing on this for some time and while there was issue with its length, I was finally able to resolve it and bring it to the completion.

It is a genuine Nissan product.

It took me a long time to make a product that I could confidently say is safe, but during those periods of time I was able to run many tests and certify the product, making it even more reliable.

MIL conversion harness is a MUST for S13 and S14

¥82,280¥110,600 (Tax incl.)

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